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  We, as probably all New Yorkers and Americans, were stunned to learn of the horrific loss of life, terrible injuries and of the destruction of our great landmark. Our prayers and good will goes out to the families of our numerous customers and friends who have suffered so much as a result of this tradgedy. Please contact us if we can help in any way.

NYC Real Property Database
Info on every property in all 5 boroughs

THE source for info on every property in NYC
Who owns What ......
......and What they own!
Search by any field.
Find a particular property in seconds or use the cd as an incredible mailing list.

  • Find the owner and information on any property in New York City!
  • Almost 1,000,000 Records at your finger tips! If printed, this would comprise of 21 books--1300 pages each!

  • Contains information on every single property in all five boroughs!

  • Condominiums, single and multi-family houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings, vacant lots...every property in New York City that has a block and lot number.

  • Newly Updated...Now also includes residents, phone numbers and business types.

  • Now includes direct internet links to almost 400 counties in the USA and Canada!

  • Operates in Windows or Dos

  • Information is in a foxpro format and can be downloaded into most existing database, spreadsheet and word processing programs.

  • The NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM™ is an excellent database for finding new business.

  • Also available: Nassau, Suffolk, Orange, Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess Counties.


Looking south on 5th Ave and 83 Street in 1953.

Where you can buy the CD-ROM

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 We would like to thank our many old and new friends who attended the Buildings New York Trade Show at the Javits Convention Center and stopped by our display booth. You helped make the show a great success for us.

We would like to thank the many nice people we met at our booth at the 20th annual Housing Conference conducted by the Council of NY Cooperatives & Condominiums

Help using NYC Real Property Database™

Click above to see an enlarged "screen shots" of the program and sample records. To return, use the return key on your browser.

How to Order: There are two ways to order the NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM™. By mail and by the internet. The cost via internet is slightly higher, though by this manner, you may use your credit card. Please see below for further detail on these two options. For a limited time, we are also offering a two month trial version of the NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM™.

NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM
Industry discount price: Only $295 ($336 Total Price)

Please note: By purchasing/ordering this cd-rom, you agree that you have read theTerms of sale and agree to be bound by these terms. Thank you for your cooperation.

(Please scroll to the bottom of the page to information on what is contained on the cd and to review other counties. Thank you)

Information on every property in NYC

1.One CD-ROM contains information on every property in all five boroughs of NYC... almost 1 million records. Every property in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island! The information is so vast that if we were to print it in book form, we would need 21 books! This cd-rom covers everything including commercial, residential, vacant lots, condominiums. It ever has air rights!! Even if you normally only work in one borough, you will find the information from the other boroughs very useful useful. One sale outside your normal business area would prove this! (Please see below for a list of what is covered for most records).

2. You can search the database by almost any field or combination of fields including by property address, owner name, block and lot, type of property or most other criteria. You can, for example, quickly view every property of a certain type or assessed value or every property owned by a certain company.

3. The cd-rom also contains a property manager database of the leading property managers in NYC. Presently, this consists of almost 3,000 property management companies. Some companies charge over $1,000 for property management databases alone, yet this is included as part of the NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM.

 4. CD now incorporates superior windows utilities and has never been easier to use! It takes only a few minutes to learn how to use it.
3. Now includes direct internet links to almost 400 counties in the USA and Canada

5. Since the basic information is in a dbase type file, you can view, search or print data with our program or you can export the information to you favorite spreadsheet or database programs.

6. Besides all containing information on every property in New York City, the cd now also contains PROFESSIONAL BROKER which is an excellent and easy to use real estate broker contact program (a $165 value included for free) and PROPERTY MANAGER which is a simple to use management program that is all that most managers need. (a $289 value included for free)

7. The New York City Real Property Database CD-ROM™ is the choice of most real estate brokers and sales people, land owners, investors, lawyers and anyone interested in buying real estate in New York City. The New York City Real Property Database CD-ROM™ is also widely used by electricians, plumbers, contractors, welders, builders, gardeners, window companies, heating companies and companies which provide services or products to landlords. A new edition of the New York City Real Property Database CD-ROM™ is issued and offered for sale every six months.

8. Runs under windows or dos.

9. The price of \the NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM is simply unbelievable. Some companies charge over a thousand dollars per borough for similar information. That is over $5,000 for the city. Our list price is only $336...not for one borough, but for the entire city! Our cd contains information on every property in every borough! Why with the money you save, you can travel to Tahiti for a great vacation!


In most cases, orders are sent out the same day as received by U.S. Priority certified mail.
We offer special discounts to libraries, government offices and certain non-profit organizations. Please call for details.

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Please see below for specific
details of what is included on the CD.

The NYC Real Property Database CD-ROM™ contains the following information for most properties:

  • Address of the property

  • Block and Lot of the property
  • Description of what the property is being used for (vacant lot, office building, condominium, apartment building and so on). For a list of descriptions, please press here.
  • City or State classification code. For a list of various codes found on the cd, please press here.
  • Width and depth of the land is provided for about 70 percent of the properties (for example 25 feet by 100 feet).
  • The area of the land is provided for about 70 percent of the properties (for example 2500 square feet).
  • Property owners name
  • Taxpayers name
  • Taxpayers address
  • Current assessed value of the land (2001)
  • Current assessed value of the land and the improvement if any (2001)
  • Current assessment (2001)

  •  Estimated yearly tax (2001)
  • Property owner in 1997 (and current owner)
  • Property owner in 1986 is provided for most properties in Manhattan and certain properties in Brooklyn and Queens
  • Resident(s) name
  • Telephone number of Resident(s)

  • Type of business operating on property

  • Now includes direct internet links to almost 400 counties around the USA and Canada!
  • PROPERTY MANAGERS: Besides containing the owner of every property in NYC, the cd-rom now also contains a property managers database containing the leading 2800 property managers in the NYC area.


  • PROPERTY MANAGER: is a property management software which is now included on the cd-rom in order to help you enter data on your rental properties. This program is very easy to use and puts information into a standard dbf type file. Information can then be searched by most criteria or exported into most standard word processing, database, or spreadsheet programs. This is, of course, in addition to the extensive database of every property in NYC. A $289 value.

  • PROFESSIONAL BROKER: This is a program which helps the real estate broker enter data about the properties which they represent. A $165 value.


Nassau | Suffolk | Westchester | Rockland |
 Orange | Putnam | Sullivan | Ulster | Dutchess

 CD Roms are available for most counties in down state New York including Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, Putnam, and Ulster Counties. Information on each property varies from county to county but in all counties it includes the section, block, lot property address and in most counties it also includes the owners name, owners or taxpayers address, description of the property, classification codes, assessed value of the land, assessed value of the land and improvements and sometimes more.

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